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How To Make Money On Clubhouse: Clubhouse Creator First Program That Pays $5000/Month

Waking up to the news that Clubhouse announced the launch of it’s Clubhouse creator first program is an exciting update. For a lot of it’s active users, this would mean a pleasant motivation to keep on running rooms. This includes me as well, simply because I am such an incurable fan! (send help)


There have been huge speculations by worldwide fans of the audio social platform around a monetization program or a Clubhouse creators program for active broadcasters to earn money on the platform. Clubhouse recently launched a Clubhouse Creator First Accelerator Program and this directly answers the popular question of how can people make money on Clubhouse.

If you’ve been on Clubhouse, you know just how powerful it is; especially for entrepreneurs and online creators who are looking to scale up on client acquisition and on-boarding. The big question of all time with the audio social platform has always been how to make money on Clubhouse and how does Clubhouse make money.


Before the Clubhouse Creators First Program, know that Clubhouse has been a great income source to many

Even though Clubhouse itself up until now, never had a way for broadcasters to make money directly through the platform, the opportunities to make life-changing money from the network you make on Clubhouse has been increasingly life-changing for a lot of creators.(Myself included *wink* wink*)


Quite honestly, Clubhouse showed up as the new guy on the block that every serious entrepreneur was raving about. I remember hearing about Clubhouse for the first time in December 2020 by a favorite influencer I followed on Instagram. I thought “I have to get on this app”. On top of that, it was (and still is) an invite-only platform where you only get to join where a user invites you on.


Clubhouse has said that the platform is invite-only for now because it is still in its beta stages but as far as I’m concerned, that is the most brilliant growth strategy I have ever seen.


The urge to join the platform spiked at an increasing rate mostly because it’s being perceived as an Elite-app for the big dogs. I’ve heard of people even going out of their way to literally buy new iPhones just so they can join. (Clubhouse is an IOS only app for now)

Clubhouse Announces it’s Creator First Program


If you get in Clubhouse right now, you’ll find a long list of running rooms on your hallway, a lot of which would last up to 4 hours. The sudden growth and boom of the platform has moved Clubhouse to expand on it’s growth plans. This includes financial support initiatives for broadcasters, to keep them running rooms in the app.

In line with their expansion plans, Clubhouse announced a new creator first accelerator program. This will add on an active monetization method for active broadcasters. Along with granting financial support to creators, the Clubhouse creators program also looks to provide resources to the creators selected to help them build their audience and further expand their financial earning capacity.


Quoting Clubhouse in a tweet thread:

“We are looking to support and equip 20 creators w/ resources they need to bring their ideas and creativity to life.” 


What I find to be even more interesting is that more than a guaranteed $5000 minimum paid monthly, Clubhouse has even wider plans. The co-founder Paul Davidson said that the company rolled out the Clubhouse creators program to equally support the selected creators by sending them equipment’s if required. This claims to match creators with relevant brands for sponsorships and brand deals.

It is safe to see this initiative as a strong point by Clubhouse to keep it’s top creators around and not stray away to the new strong competitor, The Twitter Spaces app.  So providing people with their own shows, equipment and a guaranteed monthly income is a brilliant way to award creators for their broadcasting efforts.


Twitter isn’t even known to be the tech company that clones on a promising idea. Now imagine what would happen with Clubhouse if Facebook decides to give it a run and comes up with a Clubhouse clone?


How do you apply


Application is on now till March 31st 2021 and Clubhouse will be selecting qualified creators for the program. It is important to point out that you do not need to have a large Clubhouse following or social media presence to get on. What it looks like, is more of Clubhouse looking to support creators who are actively broadcasting on the platform but do not have a monetization channel or business where they drive the Clubhouse audience to.


Take for example, people holding rooms on daily news and updates as they unfold. Clearly people love to find company amongst other people of similar interests so being in rooms where there’s a trending topic in the air, it is a place worthy of their time and contributions.


But to the creators hosting these rooms, there isn’t really a form of monetization to be drawn from that because the intention is not to sell or lead people down a sales funnel. The Clubhosue creator first program comes in to keep these creators actively hosting these shows but this time, equipping them with the needed resources to do even better while also making money. (Make sense?)

Do you already see how this is a great growth strategy to keep people on the platform so they can maintain the overall success of Clubhouse. While the program has a monthly payout of $5000 for the selected creators, it is a payment plan that would only go on for three months. That is $15,000 all together.


What the program promises

Here’s a more comprehensive outline of the benefits of the Clubhouse creator first program and what it promises all together. See it here

Apply here for the program if it looks like something you would be a fit for


I am always happy to see that you take action from the resources you get here on this blog. This is because success loves speed and speed is what comes with taking action. Amirighttt?!

So make me your accountability partner by letting me know in the comment section below, what you are going to do with this information. And then, I will leave you a response to also check that you went through with it. Because girl! You can!

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