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How Do I Know If I Have WordPress.org or WordPress.com?

Whether your site is hosted on WordPress.org or wordpress.com is one of the most asked questions by bloggers. Closest to that is the question of whether to use WordPress.org or WordPress.com for a new blog.

In this case; simply knowing if you have WordPress.org or WordPresss.com installed on your site.

If I was paid a dollar every time I’ve been asked this one question, I’m dead sure I’ll be fulfilling my travel dreams with that check. That’s how common it is so don’t feel strange to want to know. I also get that this can be confusing and if you know anything about starting a blog that makes money, you know you want your blog to be both on WordPress and specifically WordPress.org.

This is because WordPress.org gives you full control of your site where you own and run 100% of the content

Knowing the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com can be tricky if you already launched your site without a guide or had someone do it for you.

See the difference between a blog hosted on WordPress.com vs wordpress.org here to get a clear understanding of the difference.

So How Do You Know If You Have a WordPress.com Or WordPress.org?

I’m going to go into the steps in a little bit, but to put it straight to you, if your site or blog is hosted on WordPress.com, you likely have “wordpress.com” in your domain name and you got it for free. You maybe also paid a fee to use your own domain.

This works in two ways;

  • You got your blog hosted for free on WordPress.com and got a domain that looks like this “yoursite.wordpress.com”
  • Another way this works is when you paid a fee to WordPress.com to use your own domain where you get “yoursite.com” without the WordPress.com extension.

The WordPress dashboard for WordPress.com blogs or websites looks different than the dashboard for WordPress.org sites. You will tell the difference if the WordPress logo is primarily blue and you see a link right in the top left-hand of your screen that says “My sites”. That is WordPress.com.

If you see a WordPress logo in the top left-hand corner of your site that shows a drop-down containing a link to WordPress.org, that is WordPress.org site. So click to the WordPress logo you find on your site’s dashboard. If it takes you to WordPress.com or WordPress.org, that’s a way to know which one your blog is hosted on.

If you do not know how to get to your WordPress dashboard, here’s a simple step process to get it

1. Access your WordPress dashboard by typing your site’s domain into a browser. So it is your domain followed by /wp-login.php. I would access my dashboard by typing daretoblogclub.com/wp-login.php

2. Once you are logged in, your dashboard will appear. Hover your mouse over the WordPress logo in the top left corner (or your own logo if you customized it)

3. You will see the WordPress domain either say “wordpress.com or wordpress.org”. Click the link. If you land on the .com or .org, that’s how you know which one is installed on your site

On the  bottom left corner of your dashboard, you will see the WordPress domain and that will tell you if you have wordpress.org or wordpress.com installed!

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