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Blog Income Reports – The Ultimate List of Blog Income Reports From $1000 to $1,000,000 A Month Blogging

Blog Income Reports From Bloggers Making $1000 To $1,000,000 A Month Blogging. Take a sit and something to sip because this is going to be the most detailed report on bloggers making money full time.

Everyone needs a little motivation from time to time, especially when you need some clarity and proof that something is worth trying. Blogging has been a life upgrade for so many ordinary people, even for a lot of people who never dreamed to be making any real money from blogging. I’m talking about people I personally know who one day; got online because they wanted to share their thoughts with the world and they are now scaling those simple blogs into real paying businesses. (Loveee to see it!)


The reason blog income reports are helpful and worth sharing especially for new bloggers is because it helps you see what is possible and just how other people who started out just like you (Completely clueless and non-tech savvy) are now making a full time living updating their blogs every month.


Heads up: I’m not gonna tell you it’s easy, but boy is it worth itttt!? Because if making money online is something you want for yourself, then STARTING A BLOG is a beautiful and rewarding place to look. I talk about starting a purposeful blog that makes money here in this crash course (And it is free)

Before you say girl bye and decide that blogging is not for you, it helps to take a look around for a bit and see the high income bloggers who were and are still just like you; making a good living from anywhere they choose to work. All from blogging.

blog -income-reports

Blog Income Reports: What are Blog Income Reports?

I call them a motivational push for beginner and new bloggers to help them see what is possible with blogging and know that blogging isn’t for special people. Itย  is in fact, for ordinary people. Blog income reports are really a report of online sales and revenue by a blogger or digital entrepreneur (as some of us prefer to be called hehe). They break down a blogger’s monthly income made from their blogs and all the products/offers or monetization methods that generated the income.




Just before we get into the list, I want to point out a false belief around blog monetization.

I have seen people swear that the only blog niche that makes good money is the marketing niche. Having been around for 4+ years and worked with bloggers from diverse niches to monetize their blogs, I can tell you for a free fact; that you can make good money blogging from any niche. This list covers blog income reports from every niche! (Well, almost)

However, if you are just starting out and still in the fence on what profitable niche to blog in. I have taken the guesswork out of your hands by creating the True Niches Playbook. This is an in-depth but easy to grasp Ebook with a descriptive framework to help you choose the perfect niche that matches your personality and purpose. So you can start a highly profitable blog that pays itself from the start.


You don’t have to sell your soul on a topic you are not passionate about, just because it is a profitable niche. Get it here

With that, you don’t have to spend weeks and months piecing random information all over the internet to discover the perfect niche for you.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means Iโ€™ll receive a commission if you use my link, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure here.

************** ๐Ÿฅ DRUM ROLL๐Ÿฅ *********************** Are you ready for the list??

I will start out with my all time favorites:ย  bloggers with very relatable stories who pretty much started out just like me. Burnt out from the corporate rat race and in need for a new challenge and income source.


So I have to make it known that I am a big fan of the 9-5 and hold absolutely nothing against it. It was amazing working with people from different backgrounds while learning and laughing on most days. I left because I hit a rock bottom and couldn’t get myself back up. I was burnt out, in need of a new but familiar challenge so I took to blogging.


But if you are in the same position as I was and you honestly need to step out and have more time in your hands, have a deep sense of freedom and make a living in your own terms. Then by all means. My best advice (and I know this is unsolicited), is that you know when it’s time to leave and you don’t hold back. (Oh and I’m talking about quitting your job if I kind of lost you there, cuz I think I did)

Read my story here on how I left the 9-5 to pursue blogging full time and how much I made 5 months into blogging.

A Hand-pick of my favorite 5 bloggers and their income reports

1. Sarah Titus

Went from $18K/Year to $130K/Year in her first year blogging (This was largely because she was a new and in-experienced blogger)

This single mother has one of the most inspiring stories of poverty to wealth I have read on starting a blog. She started out completely clueless how a blog worked with absolutely no experience whatsoever. And just like the beginner blogger, Sarah didn’t really know what was possible with blogging and how it was a life changing business staring her in the face.

Why Sarah’s story is all too familiar (Even to you maybe):

Long before she ever thought to start a blog, she was at a point of complete emptiness. A time when she was homeless and was down to $5 in her name, while raising kids on her own. She was in court ending things with her husband when she promised the judge she would be able to make $1000 monthly in about a year if she was allowed custody of her kids.


Sarah Titus had started selling on Ebay. Long story short she grew that Ebay business to $18K a year and this was when she decided to start a blog to share herย  “poverty to wealth” story. She didn’t think too much about making money blogging because she was already making more than she imagined from her business. She wanted to share her story with other single mothers out there, showing them they have a choice.

The blog saratitus.com recorded a monthly income of $242,113 in January 2021.

My take home in her continued story is that Sarah now makes over $5million a year from her Shopify store where she mainly drives the traffic from her blog! She sells printables on her store. (Ya! Printables that you do not have to ship and are pretty easy to create too.)

The reason this story and every success stories you’ve ever read, is that anyone (yes you!) can replicate the systems and steps and change your entire life by taking action.

Take Printables for example, just like Sarah Titus. It takes almost zero design knowledge to create very useful and helpful printables and sell them on your blog to fast track your income. Way before you even start making money with Ads. Here’s a very carefully laid-out steps on creating and selling printables as a new blogger. Read it here


The power of a blog’s traffic is simply life-changing! I created a free blog course that walks you through all the steps to starting a blog that makes life-changing money. Read it here

Sarah’s blog: sarahtitus.com


2. Adam Enfroy

Over $1Million blogging in under 2 years!

Unlike a lot of people who started out blogging, Adam started his blog in 2019 as a side project but he was fully prepared to smash the blogging scene and make the best money he had ever made.

Adam’s story is a lot similar to mine. Torn between self-doubt, a job you no longer want, the thing with perfection and a need for external validation from friends and family. He mentioned in his story that these things were the order of his life whenever he set out to do something exciting.

He would obsess over the perfection and completeness of everything and then launch to family and friends. When his new venture begins to take longer than expected and he starts to feel like a failure because everyone now expects your entrepreneurial life to be the new success story. He quits – every time.

Trust this, I’m going somewhere

The first time he started out blogging was the first time it worked! I know you want to ask how come?

He made a decision to step away from the things that were always a drag. The overanalyzing of an idea, the thing with perfection before launch, the need to seek validation from friends and family (This could be so that they know you are making some progress with your life and not being an underachiever)ย 

When it hit him that his life could be so much more, here’s what he said that I hope you take away from here too:

Whether I live in a prison of my creation or enjoy a life of abundance, it’s a daily choice only I can make. Not my employer, not my society, not my past, not my parents. Only me

That was enough to realize he could start a blog and make it work. To know that he stood by his own word to make the shift in his life and work, he didn’t say a word about starting a blog to anyone until he hit his first $20K the same year he started.

Adam’s story is more personal than inspirational. It is the story of a lot of us out there at jobs that no longer serve us. In life positions we want a change from, in the pool of several business ventures that have failed. He was me, and I’m guessing he was you too.

He now makes upwards of $80K/month from his blog last I checked in November 2020.

UPDATE: Adam updated an income report of over $100K in March 2021

His blog: adamenfroy.com


3. Pat Flynn

From losing his job to making $203,219 in his first year blogging

If you’ve ever heard the term “accidental entrepreneur”. Pat Flynn is who I’ll call the accidental blogger. This is because he didn’t get online with the intention to start a making making blog. He had just lost his architect job and decided to create a website to store his notes while studying for a special type of architecture qualification called the LEED exam.

Clearly Pat was studying to upgrade his qualifications so he would be more employable and get a better job than the one he lost. But his little website started to gain traction and traffic and his readers were architects who found his LEED notes helpful. Some of his readers emailed him and suggested he created a book on how to pass the exam. He quickly saw the opportunity there and make an Ebook he didn’t even have to write from scratch.

He simply complied his blog posts togetherย  in a sequenceย  and put a price to it. Pat made $8000 in his very first month selling these Ebooks.

He went on to make $203,219 in his first year blogging!

This man has since made millions of dollars in passive income since his first year blogging. Pat Flynn’s story is one of the earliest blogging success stories I ever read that made a major mindset shift for me.

His blog now:ย  smartpassiveincome.com


4. Caroline Nika Phelps

$30K+ a month blogging about cooking!

This one is a personal favorite of mine. Her good and genuine heart to see people succeed online is like a light. I was left with a full heart the first time I had a conversation with her about her blog income reports that she posts consistently on her Instagram page.

Caroline started her blog; thepickledplum to share her cooking recipes and connect with


5. The Joanna Penn

Multi 6 figure Blogger and Online Entrepreneur

For Joanna Penn, her one goal when she set out to start a blog in 2008 was to create a space online where she could actualize her writing dreams and become a self-published writer. Blogging in the early days opened her up to the possibilities that were out there. She took every chance she got to meet and learn from other successful bloggers.

At the time, she was at a cubicle job she was mentally drained from. In her story, she mentioned her episodes of crying in the bathroom of her job and hoping that something worked out so she could have a much better life doing something she was drawn to. She started the blog – thecreativepenn.comย 


Joanna started to make 6 figures in pounds from her blog in 2015 and now makes multi six figures 9 years after starting. Her blog makes money from selling books and resources she creates/created. Being in the self-publishing and creative writing niche, she carved an authority early on as the go-to person for women looking to leave their cubicle jobs and start a blog or become self published and happy.

Listen to Joanna Penn talk about her blogging journey here in this podcast interview with Darren from Pro Blogger or listen below.


If you are on the fence right now and you are thinking of what online business you can start in 2021. I compiled this 15 best online business ideas for women in 2021 (It is not for women only so go ahead even if you are a man!)


Of course you’re here because you either want to start a blog or can do with some motivation from other bloggers. If you do not already have a blog and you are wondering if it is too late to start a blog right now in 2021. Well here’s what I have for you:

Is it too late to start a blog in 2021?

As long as people are never too late to get on the internet to get their problems solved, the short answer to the question is NO. It is not too late to start a blog and make life changing money doing just that.


There’s good and not-so-good differences between starting a blog today and starting a blog around 10 years ago. Back in the 2010’s, it was pretty easy to please Google and rank in the search engines quickly. It took publishing multiple blog posts weekly for a period of 3 months to start to see great traffic results to your blog. The Google algorithm didn’t place so much importance on the quality of your content. It just cared that your blog was frequently updated


Right now in 2021, Google prioritizes high quality and long form content over everything else. Of course there are factors that determine the ranking of different sites/blogs, but the Google algorithm would lift you up in the search and serve you quality traffic if you have very helpful, good quality and long-form blog posts on your blog.

You’d ask why “Google” is coming up a lot here. This is because Google is the search engine giant of the tech world. It processes over 3.5 billion searches daily and they dominate the search engine market by 92.18% recorded in July 2019. These are real people like you and I heading over to Google to search for quick fixes and solutions to questions and problems.

See more Google stats here

So creating content that works well with the Google algorithm update is the one most important path to your blogging success.

A very important element to the blogging success of a lot of the bloggers in this blog income reports is SEO. This is the work of optimizing your blog and content to be properly crawled and seen by search engines. In this case; Google.


Enough of Google.

You do not have to wait on Google before you start moving forward and getting quality traffic to your blog. There is a highly recommended social network that is first a search engine that serves as the best traffic driver for new bloggers. This platform is the loving Pinterest!

When I started out blogging, I was set to do everything right by the Google algorithm but I had just quit my job and couldn’t wait too to get indexed by Google before the traffic starts setting in. I doubled my focus and split between Google and Pinterest.

By my second month blogging, I was up at 7,000 monthly pageviews to the blog and making affiliate sales. Pinterest is a visual search engine designed to send traffic to a blog, website or any other destination links you direct it. It works just like Google where there are millions of people with various interests searching for different things by the second. And it is a lot easier to se success and traffic/sales using Pinterest for your blog.

Having said all that. It does take starting and taking action to see results so get at it. I’m rooting for you!


The big blog income reports list:


. Just a Girl & Her Blog – $41,700 per month

. Art of Manliness – $33,000 per month

. Mostly Morgan – $2,000 per month

. Fitnancials – $4,612 per month

. Embracing Simple – $2,000 per month

. Making Midlife Matter – $3,000 per month

. Home Studio Corner – $25,000 per month

. A Merry Life – $1,034 per month

. Chasing Foxes – $19,889 per month

. By Sophia Lee– $9,439 per month

. Hooked To Books – $5,440 per month

. Let’s Reach Success – $4,305 per month

. The Fab 20’s – $5,187

. Chasing a Better Life – $4,273

. Accidentally Adulting – $3,200

. Simplifying College – $1,254 per month

. Gathering Dreams – $3,800 per month

. One Big Happy Life: $10,900 per month

. Amazing Me Movement: $4,250 per month

. A Merry Life: $1,037 per month

. Happy Nifty Life: $1,085 per month

. Lucky Mojito: $1,127 per month

. Simply Hatch: $1,153 per month

. Tory Stender: $1,166 per month

. The Thought Journal: $1,257 per month

. This Simple Balance: $1,516 per month

. Oh Clary: $1,910 per month

. Hear And Play – over $100,000 per month

. Addicted 2 Success – $



. Melyssa Griffin: $140,779 per month

.The Extra Income Project: $179 per month

. Single Moms Income – $5,592 per month

. Cassie Scroggins: $1,066 per month

. Easy Blog Emily: $1,125 per month

. Redefining Mom: $1,135 per month

. Out of the 925: $1,182 per month

. Ladies Make Money: $1,306 per month

. Passive Income Wise: $1,316 per month

. The Female Business: $2,047 per month

. Anastasia Blogger: $2,085 per month

. Moms Make Cents: $2,126 per month

. Hustle and Slow: $4,700 per month

. House of Brazen: $5,221 per month

. Inspired Bloggers University: $6,845 per month

. Her Paper Route: $9,033 per month

. Do You Even Blog: $9,663 per month

. Love Family Health: $11,974 per month

. Allison Lindstrom: $12,492 per month

. By Regina: $16,382 per month

. Natalie Bacon: $19,874 per month

. Horkey Handbook: $20,492 per month

. Start a Mom Blog: $24,170 per month

. Ryan Robinson: $40,441 per month



. Easy Baby Life – $4,310 per month

. Pulling Curls – $6,631 per month

. What Mommy Does: $7,464 per month

. Swaddles โ€˜nโ€™ Bottles: $11,180 per month

. The Soccer Mom Blog: $11,288 per month

. The Realistic Mama: $12,366 per month

. Mommy on Purpose: $5,157 per month

. Mommy to Max: $5,251 per month

. The Intentional Mom: $5,481 per month

. The Million Dollar Mama: $5,680 per month

. Mom Makes Joy: $1,698 per month

. This Mama Blogs: $1,937 per month

. Another Mommy Blogger: $2,546 per month

. High Five Dad: $3,399 per month (Let’s call this one a Dad Blog because yes! There is such a point. Parent blogs do not only include moms)

. Rose Atwater: $4,257 per month

. Italian Polish Mama: $1,019 per month

. Kori at Home: $1,356 per month

. Mom Beach: $1,410 per month

. The Mummy Front: $1,555 per month



. Well Kept Wallet – $17,714 per month

. Rose At Water – $8,304 per month

. Life and My Finances: $3,612 per month

. The Savvy Couple: $4,089 per month

. Inspired Budget: $5,067 per month

. Freedom in a Budget: $5,253 per month

. Fin Savvy Panda: $6,840 per month

. Unconventional Prosperity: $8,255 per month

. Make Money Your Way: $8,760 per month

. Single Moms Income: $8,768 per month

. Caroline Vencil: $12,007 per month

. The Money Ninja: $12,516 per month

. Believe in a Budget: $18,128 per month

. The Ways to Wealth: $18,863 per month

. Millennial Money: $23,130 per month

. Club Thrifty: $23,620 per month

. Breaking the One Percent: $61,915 per month

. Busy Budgeter: $86,438 per month

. Making Sense of Cents: $145,319 per month



. Fitnancials – $4,612 per month

. The Atlas Heart: $1,162 per month

. Desk to Dirtbag: $1,724 per month

. The Sweetest Way: $1,933 per month

. Wanderlust Storytellers: $2,158 per month

. Travel Blog Breakthrough: $2,271 per month

. Eternal Expat: $2,501 per month

. Aliโ€™s Adventures: $2,869 per month

. Getaway Couple: $3,029 per month

. Wherever Writer: $3,575 per month

. Living the Dream RTW: $4,976 per month

. Practical Wanderlust: $5,421 per month

. Globetrotter GP: $5,733 per month

. A Passion and a Passport: ~$6,166 per month

. A Dangerous Business: $9,229 per month

. Once in a Lifetime Journey: $9,682 per month

. Helene in Between: $15,755 per month

. Two Wandering Soles: $16,389 per month

. Adventure in You: $19,233 per month

. Local Adventurer: $23,001 per month

. Kara and Nate: ~$41,176 per month

. Itโ€™s a Lovely Life: $147,833 per month



. Recipe This – $2,431 per month

. Show Me The Yummy – $46,367 per month

. Jessica Gavin – $5,097.80ย per month

. Yup, It’s Vegan – $1,478.54ย per month

.. Went Here 8 This: $1,029 per month

. Jar of Lemons: $1,121 per month

. Thyme and Joy: $1,334 per month

. Fork in the Road: $2,078 per month

. Hangry Woman: $2,605 per month

. Midwest Foodie: $3,284 per month

. Bowl of Delicious: $3,631 per month

. Butternut Bakery: $5,041 per month

. Piping Pot Curry: $5,110 per month

. The Bewitchinโ€™ Kitchen: $6,312 per month

. The Endless Meal: $6,471 per month

. Whole Kitchen Sink: $10,631 per month

. 40 Aprons: $12,371 per month

. The Clean Eating Couple: ~$12,500 per month

. Root and Revel: $15,753 per month

. A Sassy Spoon: $15,843 per month

. Kitchen Sanctuary: $18,341 per month

. Show Me the Yummy: $46,367 per month

. Pinch of Yum: ~$100,000 per month



. Nerd Fitness – $100,000 per month

. Vigor It Out: $1,906 per month

. Fit Mom Journey: $10,124 per month

. Organize Yourself Skinny: $13,018 per month

. Kath Kyle: $15,534 per month

. Avocadu: ~$30,000 per month



. The Baller on a Budget: $1,569 per month blogging

. Liana Desu: $2,104 per month blogging

. Sandy a la Mode: $3,650 per month blogging

. Chic Pursuit: $4,284 per month blogging

. Affordable by Amanda: $4,425 per month

. Fit Mommy in Heels: $5,653 per month

. The Modest Man: $8,526 per month



. Arts & Classy – $3364 per month

. Desert Blossom Crafts: $1,941 per month

. The Flooring Girl: $2,006 per month

. Sew Some Stuff: $2,802 per month

. Cricut Maker Crafts: $3,154 per month

. Honeybear Lane: $3,505 per month

. Arts and Classy: $4,509 per month

. Crochet 365 Knit Too: $5,142 per month

. Sewrella: $9,755 per month

. Jennifer Maker: $15,158 per month

. Crochetpreneur: $17,295 per month

. The Shabby Creek Cottage: $25,319 per month

The list goes on

A lot of the blog income reports listed are old reports released around 2017 and haven’t been updated . This means the blogs make so much more than what you’ve seen.

I’ll go over a few frequently asked questions around starting a blog and making money blogging today. A lot of the questions might be your own questions so here goes:

๐Ÿ‘‰ FAQs About Making Money Blogging

. How do bloggers actually make money:

Great question! Because exactly how does blog traffic translate into income right?

Okay. There are various ways and options that bloggers make money. A few of them are through Affiliate marketing, sales of digital/physical products, coaching and consulting, ads, sponsored posts, and a lot more. See this post for an in-depth look at the best ways bloggers actually make money from their blogs and how you can replicate the steps for your blog


. How do beginner bloggers make money:

Very valid question too. When you are just starting out with blogging, a few factors would determine how quickly you would start to earn from your blog and they include content and traffic. But before you get to creating content or even setting up your blog, you want to be sure to get a self hosted blog. This is the best and recommended way to start a blog that makes money in the first place.

I recommend Bluehost for new and beginner bloggers as the best self hosting platform to start your blog. When you sign up, you get aย free domain for a year, free SSL (Blog security), easy 1-click WordPress install (Best for non-techy and people new to WordPress), and a great support team. Their plans start at $3.95/month and they have a 30-day money back guarantee.

This is the #1 best recommended host byย WordPress for beginner bloggers worldwide. Get it here


Whatย  Blog Hosting Plan To Choose

When you click here to the Bluehost page, click on “Get started” to go to the hosting plans. There are four plans available for different levels of blogging and businesses. I recommend you start with the basic plan that goes for $8.9 a month ($3.5 when you use my partner link here). You get to start a full self-hosted blog with $53 for an entire year and less than $150 for three years.



I started my blog at the 3 year hosting plan and here’s why you should too:

You need the time and commitment to go all into your blog. As long as you have decided to start a blog that makes money, it makes complete sense to invest a long-term commitment to it and a 3 year plan means you won’t have to be worried about your hosting expiring in one or two years of blogging. And it is very affordable for a highly profitable online business like blogging that you can scale to full-time income within months of putting in the right blogging systems for success.


The Bluehost basic plan features only one blog which is what you would need if you are starting one blog. If you want to start multiple profitable blogs or you are looking to start another blog as your first blog progresses, then the PLUS plan is right for you. It features unlimited websites meaning that you only need that one hosting plan to host as many blogs as you would want on the internet.

The PLUS plan is $11.9 a month. Get it here for $5.95


As a beginner blogger or new blogger, It is important for your success that you focus highly on creating high quality blog posts closely related to your niche. Work out your first 5 blogposts to be long-form with about 2,000 words or more. This content writing tool makes it so easy to churn over long-form articles over 2,000 words that are SEO optimized. I recommend this if you consider yourself a non-writer or you want a more easy ways to fill your new blog with blog posts that will rank faster.

Get the tool here

See how to make your first $500 as a new blogger here


. Is Blogging still profitable in 2021:

As long as people still head to search engines and have problems and questions that need solving, blogs will always be profitable. So yes! Blogging is even more profitable now than it was in it’s early days.ย  The blogging industry is growing and changing. There are more very lucrative and creative ways to make money blogging today compared to what it used to be.

Blogging has grown from being a writing or journaling hobby to being a highly profitable online business that anyone can start with less than $150 blog hosting plan for three years. That is not even enough money to rent an office for one week if you were starting a traditional business that requires more up-front cost.

Read my full-detailed crash course on how to start a WordPress blog that makes money full-time (It’s free)

SEE: 10 Unpopular Ways To Make Money Blogging In 2021


. How do I start a blog that makes money today:

If you are asking the question, it is because you want to start a blog the right way. So good thing you don’t want to waste time and energy guessing your way into a successful blog.

In order to not serve you incomplete information. Check here to read my detailed post on exactly how you should start a monetized blog, from picking a niche (what you want to blog about), to choosing your blog name and publishing your very first content. Read it here


Here’s where I’ll be signing out of this long date of oursโ˜บ๏ธ

I hope you enjoyed it. And more than that, let me know what actions you will be taking from here, if you already have a blog and when you will be starting a blog. Success loves speed guyssss so get to it!


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