About Chioma Gabriel


Hey there! 

My name is Chioma Gabriel and this is my blog

I am not a “guru”, really just a regular office girl who started out completely clueless how to piece all the flood of  information and get my burnt-out self out of my corporate job to mainly take a break while being able to lean on  a side income simply blogging.

I knew blogging worked, I knew it was a full-time income source for a lot of bloggers and Digital entrepreneurs (Because I was out here reading blog income reports and being so motivated), I just never knew how it would happen for me.

I was far too deep in self-doubt and I just wanted to be able to get by mainly with food (Because being both jobless and hungry is a shipwreck of a combination)

To be fair, I have a background in Marketing and blogging for business where I handled content creation/management but the set-up and monetization in real time was mostly out of my hands.

Being actively involved at my job, I always leaned towards the shallow idea that in real life; it takes working the rat race and being fervent at a 9-5 to truly get a person going in the long run. And boy was I wrong! I hit rock  bottom mentally and emotionally at the job I had worked 4 years. 

This was a cumulation of burnout both past and present. I remember not being able to move my feet for weeks and months on-end because all the motivation was gone! 

This was a job I liked in the beginning, a Digital Marketing agency where I started out as a lifestyle and news  blogger (My entire 3 years of work experience prior to this job was all writing and blogging). I got a promotion about 2 years later but at this time, I had lost all the motivation for work. I wanted out. 

I was burnt out from the agency rat race and the non-ending  routines of social media management.

 So girl why didn’t you just leave?

 Heck I wanted to so bad! I couldn’t because it was more than the job at the point, I was drained and actively   useless to the agency world where you are literally paid to think creatively and bring in your wow factor at every   delivery.

I couldn’t score that expectation anymore so going to apply at a new job would wind me into a mental wreck.

So I stayed because even though my game had become weak, I survived somehow. A new place would never let me have the chance to get myself together.

 Plus I needed the money


 2020 came and then the COVID-19 pandemic. At the start of the year I had my game plan to save up for 6 months and then leave. We went on lockdown and it was two times as hard to even get anything done.

 My work involved managing multiple social media accounts so one time (more like the 4th time), I posted the   wrong thing on a client’s account and the company saw that before we did. They called my boss (AGAIN)

 I was given 6 months to get myself together and leave. 

If you remember anything about 2020, you know it wasn’t even the best time to save up because being in   lockdown meant spending everything you had on basic survival needs.

This was where it started to turn for me. I was facing my life like it was already 6 months and I was jobless  without a side income. I didn’t grow up with that much money so I knew I wouldn’t be expecting any type of financial help from family. ( I broke up with the feeling of entitlement so I always knew no one owes me shit)

Coupled with my inability to simply ask for “free money”

I learnt this much from my 4 years of work at the Digital agency:

Capitalism only cares that you deliver. You might be going through a major mental breakdown, losing your mind and falling short in your health and all that would ever truly matter, would come down to how much work you have done.

Insane reality that I needed a major break from.


So I went online! The first place I looked was blogging. It was my forte afterall. I just needed to be able to make real and sensible money doing it. The first $250 I spent online was on a blogging course.

I learnt monetization and practiced the heck out of it. First shot was with affiliate marketing without a blog.

As soon as I made the first $100 as an Amazon Associate using Pinterest strategically to send quality traffic to my links, I was convinced and ready! This took two months but I have made more $100s than I can count since starting.

I was still working at my job but the financial insecurity was gone. I had a clear plan what I would be doing after I was gone from there. I left December 2020

In February 2021, I hit my first $4k from this blog. (This was 5 months in)

The zeal to start a blog was not coming for the first time 

I started my first blog in 2016. That blog was born out of a passion project that was close to my heart and linked  to telling African stories. I didn’t fail with that blog even though I never made money from it. This is because the intention of starting was never to make money nor make money quickly. I wanted to build something I would be proud of. Something that would reach out and touch other lives and I was damn successful with that.

It was The Afrik Muse. If you ever followed me on that blog, God bless your sweet heart.

 It was the best first move I ever made and I will live with the warmth of having started something true for the rest  of my life.

What Starting a blog means for me

I do not have a College degree. Even after having worked professionally for 8 years and sharpened my Copywriting and Marketing skills in the workplace, I constantly faced the fears of being short payed than my colleagues simply because they were university grads. I saw it happen many times! Blogging has been the most powerful upgrade of my life. 

Being able to more than quadruple my monthly salary in short months, start a full-on Pinterest Management agency where I hire first for the valuable skills and work experience (Like it should be, except it is a more intense field like the STEM)

So it means that I can create a high paying job for myself and others, get past the self-sabotage and unfair fate of being below the pay-grade simply because I don’t have a degree and feeling blessed every waking hour of the day.

I do have a diploma in Public Relations, a certification I did in 2014 to upgrade my job qualifications. It was with NIPR, the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations.  I never spoke much about this at work because everyone simply wanted to know what uni you finished from.

My job here is to get bloggers out of the overwhelm of blogging and into full-on automation and monetization so they can work much less on their blogs while making a full-time income blogging like a business.

Plus this is the longest piece of writing/autobiography I have ever done on myself on the entire internet so this is how I know I’m in this for the long long haul